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Whenever I go into the game it repeatedly sets my mouse position to a certain spot even if I tab off of it or close the window. I have to kill it with the command line to stop it from setting the position of my mouse.

Hi Nageek, If you hit escape you should reach a menu that frees the mouse. If you're seeing the cursor while playing the game then that's an issue. Let me know if hitting escape doesn't work.

Ok I got it working! but it lags when i place a block, and crashes for seemingly no reason, is this normal?

Hi Rocklead, that's good news that it's working. For now there's a lag when adding/removing blocks because the whole area reloads. I'll improve this but it's not high priority yet unless it makes the game unplayable.

Crashes are never normal and I'm continuing to fix those issues. I'll post an update in a few days and we'll see if the crashes go away. 

Thank you for being patient with this, and I'll figure out a bonus/perk for the help you've been giving with debugging. I'm working on a demo for another 4d game that will be bundled with Moenablocks, when I publish I'll give you access to claim a copy.

Hi Rocklead, thanks again for all of your patience throughout this stage of development. I'm launching my other 4d project in early access, you can download it from this page for now ( and I'll work on getting you a key so you have an official copy of that game.

Page for the other project:

It says ERROR_DEVICE_LOST when i boot up the game? how do i fix this

Sorry you're having trouble, are you on Windows or Linux? Also if you don't mind what are your specs, particularly GPU? I haven't tested on an AMD GPU yet, only Nvidia and Intel UHD.

Does the game crash before or after you see the main menu? Can you use the command line? Try starting with --vsync and/or --fullscreen. Also try --validation and see if there's debug info about the crash.

Tommorrow I'll post an update with some tweaks.

I'm on windows, I have the valid specs, But not even the main menu boots up! however seeing that it says "ERROR DEVICE LOST" It might be because you forgot to put a file in the download? I'm not that great with tech stuff but I hope to play it soon! Its literally the game I have been looking for!

ERROR_DEVICE_LOST means that Vulkan crashed. Did you try starting multiple times? Also, do you have updated graphics drivers?

You can get Nvidia drivers here:

Is it working yet?

Oh sorry let me check

Sadly no...

I'm continuing to work on this, if you can do the following it will be a big help, should only take about 5 minutes:

  1. Download and install the Vulkan SDK (, click on "Latest SDK" at top-right).
  2. Download and run "vulkaninfo.bat" from Moenablocks2 (I just made you an admin, go to to accept).
  3. When you run "vulkaninfo.bat" it will make a file in the same folder called "vulkaninfo.log". Upload this file on the Moenablocks2 edit page so I can download it.

If you haven't updated drivers yet, be sure to do that. The game will never work with outdated drivers because there are newer features that aren't supported with old versions of Vulkan.

Alright I did that

I uploaded a new zip with some fixes, let me know if it works.

sadly it still does not work

Is it still ERROR_DEVICE_LOST or something else? I simulated your GPU and fixed all of the errors that were reported. Normally I would just buy your exact computer and test on that, but with the current PC shortage that's not possible.

If you can, search for the "Vulkan Configurator" (you have it already, it's included in the Vulkan SDK) and do the following:

  1. Under the "Vulkan Layers Configurations" box on the left hand side, select "API Dump". On the right hand side, choose "HTML Output Preset" from the drop down menu at the top. Under "Output To File -> Log Filename" pick a file location.
  2. Run moenablocks.exe, after running you'll see a file in the location you chose. Upload that to Moenablocks2 so I can download it.

wait i don't know what you did but suddenly it works perfectl

never mind it crashes at the main menu