Release Notes — pa.0.2


  • Improved "Contracts" section of vehicle console, contract lines now have more visible information. These updates also extend to the "Contracts" mini-section on the left side of the main vehicle interface.
  • Moena now runs without a joystick or gamepad connected.

New Features

  • Keyboard controls — Basic keyboard controls are now added for vehicles:
    • Roll leftwise/rightwise: numpad 4/6
    • Pitch upward/downward: numpad 0/5
    • Tumble onwise/gainwise: numpad 2/8
    • Twirl midleftwise/midrightwise: numpad 7/9
    • Elevator trim up/down: numpad +/-
    • Toggle frontal/horizontal view: tab
    • Throttle up/down: r/e
  • UI keyboard support — Keyboard support has now also been added for UI elements.
  • Console map — An interactive map can now be accessed from the "Contracts" section of the vehicle console. Click on a runway in the map to have it selected. When selected, the available contracts will be filtered, and only transport missions leaving from that runway will be listed. Shift-click will select a runway to be filtered as a destination.

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Mar 13, 2022
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Mar 13, 2022
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Mar 13, 2022

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